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The Business Times is a news and information website conceived with quality mix of articles that highlight Vietnam’s business industry, such as trade, corporate, economics, markets, politics and real estate.

The Business Times is among the Web’s largest publisher of business news and financial information about Vietnam and Asean countries. It offers editorial coverage and innovative advertising solutions to suit every kind and size of business. For advertisers, a partnership with The Business Times means access to one of the most coveted internet audiences in the marketplace.


The Advertisement, an image, for header display or side bar display, uploaded to our server in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) or SWF or JPEG Format, will be displayed without rotation on the

Initial term of advertisement display is ninety (90) days., and the maximum size is 60K for a GIF or JPEG format, up to 80K for Flash (SWF) format.

As a complementary service to our banner advertiser, The Business Times will publish between 5 and 10 sponsored articles during a 12 month period, depending on the editorial material supplied by the Advertiser to the editor. The Business Times reserves the right to change the content of any material submitted for sponsored publication.

1. The Business Times homepage display advertising


Monthly Price

728×90 (1 & 2)


468×60 (4)


300×250 (3)


On demand


2.The Business Times article page display advertising

Dimensions Monthly Price
728×90 (1 & 3)


300×250 (2)


300×250 (4)


On demand





Upon demand, Advertiser can request to Publisher a general word linking advertising scheme, providing that such terms are not existing categories or existing tags already listed on The Business Times.

SEO SMART LINKS Price (per month)
Up to 5 $80
5 to 10 $120
10 to 20 $150
On demand Contact

Initial term of advertisement display is ninety (90) days.

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