Beeline Vietnam: Highly Competitive in Telecom Market

The Vietnamese telecom market is now considered to be fiercely competitive with a high penetration level and participation of many new network operators. However, as of one of the world’s most valuable telecom brands, Beeline, is confident to compete with the other network operators in Vietnam.
Beeline Vietnam Highly Competitive in Telecom Market
Mr Nguyen The Binh, Deputy General Director of Gtel Mobile, the operator of Beeline Vietnam, said: “In spite of being a newcomer in the Vietnamese telecom market, Beeline VN inherits the experience of building telecom networks in many countries in the world and has international and Vietnamese professional, experienced, enthusiastic and passionate human resources. Beeline VN is completely confident to succeed.”
Stunning hat-trick

If the average global time to set up the first technical call is five months; Beeline VN spent a record of only three months. After eight start-up months, Beeline VN covered the service in three largest cities of Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City with 15 percent of the population while the world on average needs 16 months. A month later, Beeline VN expanded its service coverage to five other provinces and cities, namely Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Quang Ninh and Hai Phong. In the following three months, the service coverage reached 19 provinces and cities where 40 percent of the country’s population are living. Currently, Beeline VN has provided its services in nearly 40 provinces and cities. The service coverage of Beeline VN continues to be larger. The network operator plans to expand its coverage nationwide in 2010.
The second record set by Beeline VN is the number of new subscribers in the telecommunications market in Vietnam. Just more than two months after the official launch, one million subscribers were signed up. To date, Beeline VN has signed up approximately 3 million subscribers, accounting for two percent of the market share.
The final record is the brand identity, achieving 80 percent after just two months from the official launch. TVC Big Zero was voted the “most favourite TVC” for many months in a row. In particular, at a golden bell 2009 awarding ceremony held by the Vietnam Advertising Association on January 17, 2010, Beeline VN won two golden bells for the best brand identity award and best outdoor advertising award.
With achieving its goals in such a short time, Beeline VN is gradually asserting its competitive advantage and position in the Vietnamese telecommunications market.
Provisional telecom provider

Beeline VN is an international network operator; thus, the company has a professional and dynamic international working environment. Regarding communication activities, Beeline has made nice impressions on its image even before the company officially launched the service. The image of two funny black and yellow chicks has drawn the public’s attention, especially of younger generations – a potential high-growing and important market segment for mobile networks.
The professionalism of Beeline VN is also expressed by the presence of mobile selling booths.
Customers can easily and conveniently approach Beeline VN anywhere and anytime. That is what all major mobile networks in Vietnam could not do previously. Many people even vividly remember the launch of “champion value” service package called Big Zero: The service tariff is VND1,199 per minute when users call to other networks but almost free for intra-network calls. This move shocked the telecom market and created a new trend of using Beeline services in Vietnam. With its sound market approach and expansion strategies, Beeline VN can unsurprisingly attract nearly three million subscribers in Vietnam, most of whom come from rival networks.
Professionalism and low charge are a strong point. Mr Nguyen The Binh said: “Beeline VN’s commitments to customers are always to place the interests of consumers on top, continuously improve the network and service quality, and provide more attractive programmes to serve customers in the best manner.” To assert these commitments, stepping into 2010, Beeline VN will continue with its development strategies. By the end of May 2010, the company will expand its service coverage to all provinces and cities in Vietnam to provide the best services for the people. Like the other networks, developing the subscriber base is one of key objectives of Beeline VN but the difference is that Beeline VN is an attractive network, with long-term sustainable development strategy to attract more loyal customers, not simply a low-cost network.