Doing Business In Vietnam 2013

doing business in vietnam 2013Below are links to articles and reports about “Doing Business in Vietnam” provided by reliable sources of information.

The information will be helpful during a company’s review of Vietnam as a site for sourcing operation or a factory, to provide goods or services, or otherwise as a site for doing business. The information is designed to be responsive to questions on a check list for a business development or a site-selection team. The information provided is, of course, only a summary; however, it provides a significant amount of substantial information on which a company can rely in understanding Vietnam’s business environment, including legal, financial, property, information and communications technology infrastructure, logistics and supply chain management, etc.

Some of the information may be dated, since the laws and regulations are being revised.

  1. Doing Business in Vietnam 2013 – By The World Bank
  2. Guide to doing business in Vietnam 2013 – By PwC & HSBC