Vietnam geographical location

    Vietnam is located in the south east of Indochinese peninsula in the South East Asia making it a country of diverse and complex natural resources.

    Vietnam is on the bustling nautical road form the West to the East and in the middle of Hong Kong and Singapore enabling construction of deep-water ports and center for transaction of national and international stature. Consequently, Vietnam has a nautical corridor for economic development within the region as well as all over the world.

    The favorable position makes it easier and more convenient for Vietnam to reach the world first-class active trade centers. Almost all ASEAN capitals such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Manila (Philippines) as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan can be reached by air from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City within 3 hours. Similarly, it takes within 6 hours to get to Beijing, Shanghai (China), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea), Jakarta (Indonesia), New Delhi, Mumbai (India) by air. A direct flight to Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany) and Sydney (Australia) takes about 12 hour.

    Vietnam is situated on the lifeline road across Asia – from southern Singapore or western India to the southern China. The distance by land from Van Nam city – in southern China – to the sea through Vietnam is only half of that to China’s eastern coast. Adjacency to the most developed region of China makes Vietnam more likely to be chosen as an investment destination by investors who wish to diversify their investment proforlio.

    With such special location, Vietnam always plays an important role in historical development as well as in regional and international economic and cultural exchange.

    Diverse geographical structure together with midlands, hills, highlands and coastal lowlands are suitable for comprehensive economic zones as varied natural resources and industries then can well supplement each other for further development, which explains much of the relatively homogeneous development in all regions.