Vietnam law makers pass maternity leave of 6 months from May 1, 2013

    Vietnam law makers on June 18 passed the amended Labor law which extends maternity leave for female workers to 6 months from current 4 months effective from May 1, 2013.

    Mothers who are still on maternity leave as at May 1, 2013 will enjoy the new law, it said.

    The National Assembly deputies also approved to extend Lunar New Year holiday to 5 days from current 4 days.

    The amended labor law also stipulates that overtime of laborer will not allowed to surpass 50% of official working hours, and in case of weekly work, the working hours will not exceed 12 hours a day, 30 hours overtime a month and 200 hours overtime a year. In special case with Government’s approval, the overtime hours will not exceed 300 hours a year.

    The law keeps retirement age unchanged of 55 for female and 60 for male staff, some special senior workers and managers can extend the working age to maximum 5 years.