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Are you planning to launch a hair business but have trouble locating reliable hair factories?  This article will provide you with a comprehensive view of this million-dollar industry, allowing you to select the best hair factory as your supplier.

Hair factory has made huge profits with the enormous potential of hair industry

Recognizing the significant impact hair has on their look, people pay increasing attention to their hair today. The popularity of hair extensions has not waned in recent years. This multibillion-dollar market has been exploited by numerous global hair factories. 

From 2022 to 2024, the hair market is anticipated to expand by approximately 8.8% per year, reaching $2,240,000,000 USD. 

Wholesale hair factories worldwide have made a lot of money from selling hair to high-demand markets like Africa, Europe, America,… A hair factory can make profits of up to 5 times their initially cost.

Thus, the superpotential and enormous profits of trading hair extensions can not be denied. Thus, if you wish to launch a hair business, do not hesitate.

Where you can find the best world hair factory 

There are numerous hair factories all over the world, but the largest and most famous are mainly located in three major regions: China, India and Vietnam.   

Vietnam – where to find the best hair factory supplying premium hair extensions 

Vietnamese hair factories are renowned for providing the highest quality and most resilient natural hair. 

  • Scale: the majority of Vietnam hair factories are small and operate as household hair factories or mini workshops. Even though the machinery and equipment isn’t as advanced as in China hair factories, Vietnamese hair factories currently pay attention to invest in modern equipment and machinery. A hair factory in Vietnam  is capable of producing large quantities thanks to abundant supply and beautiful products due to their highly skilled labor force.

  • In terms of hair quality, the Vietnamese hair factories is well-known for supplying superior hair extensions.  Vietnamese hair is silky, thick, strong, and durable due to their natural characteristics and hair care routine using herbs. Hair factory in Vietnam do not use chemicals in processing hair so the cuticles remain intact so that the hair could be bleached and colored well (even with brightest tones like 613 color), and holds its styles for an extended period of time.
  • Pricing: Hair factories in Vietnam offer higher prices than others in the world because of high-quality materials, but the superior quality justifies the higher cost.

China – Where to locate the largest world’s hair factory 

The Chinese hair factories have long been renowned for the large scale with the most advanced equipment which can fulfill bulk orders in a short time. 

  • Scale: almost Chinese hair factory on a large scale, with advanced technology and equipment and, so they typically have ample stock and can supply large quantities rapidly.

  • Hair quality: Because the Chinese wholesale hair factories must import materials from other countries like Vietnam, India, and Cambodia,…due to the limited domestic raw hair supply, the hair quality is inconsistent. Numerous hair factories in China use chemicals when treating the hair, resulting in hair that is initially glossy and smooth but quickly falls out and tangles.  
  • Pricing: the hair factory in China offers relatively cheap prices compared to the hair market due to low-cost raw materials and cutting-edge technology. Nonetheless, a high-quality product does not come cheap. Vietnamese wholesale hair factory offers higher-quality products for the same price.

India – where you can buy from a hair factory at low prices  

Indian hair factories are renowned for their low prices and large supply quantities. 

  • Scale of the Indian hair factory: modest with rudimentary machinery. The majority of stages are completed manually by unskilled labourers. However, due to the abundance of raw materials, they are still able to fulfill bulk orders, although the waiting time is lengthy.

  • Hair quality: varies, depends on the materials the hair factory in India use:
    • The materials are temple hair (gathered from temples where Indian people shave the hair) or hair cut from donors directly: the hair quality is relatively good. The hair is slightly curly, coarse thick, and bleachable and colorable with relative ease.
    • The materials are hairballs (hair falling out when shampooing or showering, collected from public bathrooms or sewers): the hair is dirty and weak. It has to go through many processes to become beautiful, resulting in very bad hair which loses cuticles.
  • Price: Indian hair factory offers low prices due to their access to abundant and inexpensive materials and low-cost labor.

So, for those who are looking for cheap and large quantities of hair extensions in a short time, or looking for beautiful hair wigs, a Chinese hair factory can be your ideal choice. And with the large quantity but not in a hurry and not expect high quality, you can choose an Indian hair factory. Vietnamese hair factories can be the best options if you prefer premium hair extensions to low prices.

How to check the reliability of a hair factory 

Following these guidelines will help you locate a trustworthy hair factory that produces hair of good quality. 

  • Check products quality: a reliable hair factory should have actual photos of the company and products, not too perfect or virtual. In addition, if you should ask a video call with the hair factory to inspect the quality of the hair by asking the salesperson do the followings:
    • Ask the sales to pull off or hard stroking the hair top to down to see if the hair is easy to tangle or fall out.
    • With dyed hair, determine if the hair is of good quality or not by asking the salesperson to swipe the hair. if there is colour left on their hands, the colour can fade quickly. 
    • With wavy/curly hair: Ask the salesperson to comb the hair with a dressing comb to determine if the hair is shedding or tangled. 
  • Verify the hair factory’s information: a reputable hair factory will have a professional website and publish their address, certification, contact information, products and factory photographs so that buyers can examine them thoroughly. Additionally, their websites can contain articles about hair care and selecting appropriate hair types. 
  • Asking the hair factory about knowledge of hair extensions: a trustworthy hair factory  would be knowledgeable about every aspect of hair extensions. If they lack expertise and avoid any of your questions, consider not working with them. 
  • Consider payment and delivery method: 
    • Ensure that the method of payment is secure. Numerous websites imitate Western Union money transfers, which require you to log in to your bank accounts then withdraw your balance. Be careful! 
    • Additionally, the hair factory must ensure about on-time delivery and that shipped products are undamaged and tangle-free.

Top recommended hair factory you can work with

Below are top 3 best hair factoríe from India, China, and Vietnam you can choose to buy from:

Mic Hair – top 1 best Vietnamese hair factory

Mic Hair is a wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam specializing in trading high quality raw Vietnamese hair  

  • Hair products: bulk hair, hair weft, closures and frontals  in the premium segment

  • Pricing: quite expensive compared to other Vietnamese hair factories, from $7.7 per 100g hair bulk and $13 per 100g other types. 
  • Customer feedback: The majority of buyers are extremely pleased with Mic Hair products and agree that their quality is worth the price. 

Choose Mic Hair if you expect superior quality products regardless of price. 

Ted Hair – the best hair factory in China to work with  

Ted Hair was founded in 2008 and has become the largest and one of the best hair factories in China. They are famous for their wide range of hair extensions and competitive prices.

Main products: With varying sizes and patterns, hair wefts, wigs, and lace closures are the most popular products of Ted Hair. 

  • The products supplied by Ted Hair are attractive, smooth, and lustrous appearance, but their quality is inconsistent because they are imported from a variety of sources. 
  • Pricing: higher than many other hair factories in China
  • Reviews from customers: with high rating, Ted Hair receives numerous compliments regarding the hair quality, especially their stunning wigs.  

Ted Hair, a hair factory with a large and modern factory based in Guangzhou,  is the place to go if you need to purchase bulk hair in a hurry  

SGI Hair – a reliable Indian hair factory  

SGI Hair, one of the most renowned hair factories in India, entered the hair industry in 2008 and has since established a great reputation for high quality hair. 

  • Main products: raw Indian temple hair
  • Price: more expensive than that of other Indian hair factories,but is low in the world hair market. In addition, they offer numerous annual discounts. 

SGI Hair is an ideal choice if you value low prices and are not overly concerned with quality.

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