Are you interested in starting a hair company and in finding a reputable hair factory to partner with? This post will help you discover the ideal wholesale hair factory partner for your business and learn more about them.

Useful Information About Wholesale Hair Factory And Top Picks

The potential of wholesale hair factory in the hair industry

A woman’s hair is just as important as her face and body when it comes to making her look good. Hair extensions are the easiest and simplest option to give someone the appearance they want if they don’t already have the desired hair. In recent years, the hair business has grown by leaps and bounds, bringing in billions of dollars for hair dealers. A large number of wholesale hair factory have entered this multi-billion dollar market.

The potential of wholesale hair factory in the hair industry
  • The increasing demand for hair extensions throughout many nations in Europe, Africa, and the United States has led to huge profits for hair factories.
  • Wholesale hair factory in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, can resell human hair for as much as five times its initial cost. Despite the country’s underdeveloped economy, the hair extension market in Nigeria is expected to be worth more than $6 billion this year, and it is expected to keep growing rapidly as a result of the country’s strong demand for hair extensions.
  • Due to the diverse needs of American women for beauty, a wholesale hair factory may make a profit that is ten times the original investment.
  • A European wholesale hair factory can generate 20 times its initial investment. In Europe, natural human hair is preferred over synthetic hair extensions due to the region’s growing interest in environmentally friendly fashion.
    So, it’s clear that the market for hair extensions has tremendous growth potential. Don’t be hesitant if you want to open a hair business.

How to find a trustworthy wholesale hair factory

As the hair extension industry expands, so too do the number and complexity of scammers targeting the industry. Here are some ways to find a reliable wholesale hair factory:

  • It’s important to differentiate between a business enterprise and a wholesale hair factory.
    There are very few real wholesale hair factory, and most of them are trade firms claiming to be hair factories. We suggest finding a production-focused hair manufacturer if you want fair pricing and consistent quality.
  • There is a quick way to tell whether it is a wholesale hair factory or a commercial hair firm. This is an ask for a video conference with the manufacturer that sells hair. Reputable hair factories are willing to show their facilities, staff, and products.
  • Look up the name or address of the hair factories on Google Maps to determine if the wholesale hair factory’s address is real or fake.
Look up the name or address of the wholesale hair factories on Google Maps
  • Check thoroughly the hair factories’ website and other social media channels. Websites of wholesale hair factory must be easy to follow, professional, and full of information about the business, its products, and its pricing.
  • Ask the wholesale hair factory salesman the questions you’ve prepared in advance. Salespeople must be knowledgeable about their products and ready to address tricky questions. Some recommended questions include hair origin, hair treatment method, hair grade, and whether or not hair is treated with chemicals.
  • To check customer reviews, do a web search (or a social media search) for the names of the wholesale hair factory. Choose wholesale hair factory with 80% or more positive reviews.
    Check carefully the warranty, returns, and payment policies of the wholesale hair factory.

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How to get the best deal with the wholesale hair factory

Here are some tips to get the best price when dealing with a wholesale hair factory:

  • Contact multiple salesmen of the same wholesale hair factory for wholesale prices. It is possible that each person will give you a different price. one of them will give you the best price
  • If you tell a wholesale hair factory that their prices are much higher than those of their competitors, they will not lower their pricing. Instead, show good faith by promising to continue placing orders with them provided they provide competitive pricing.
How to get the best deal with the wholesale hair factory
  • In order to get the best deal, you should ask your partner for the pricing for a huge amount. A wholesale hair factory may provide the greatest offer even if the first purchase is not a large order.
  • Loyal to a wholesale hair factory because they often have special offers for loyal customers.

The most reliable wholesale hair factory in the world

Here are some hair factories from all over the world that are known for making high-quality hair extensions at prices that are easy on the wallet.

Vin Hair Vendor – The best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam

If you’re a discerning buyer who hasn’t yet found the perfect hair manufacturer for your company, you should visit Vin hair vendor.

Vin Hair Vendor – The best wholesale hair factory in Vietnam
  • They offer a wide range of products including hair bundles, weft hair, tape-in, clip-in… Bone straight hair is their best seller.
  • The hair is sourced from women living in the highland areas, where the climate is mild, the hair grows strong and lustrous. Each hair is carefully chosen by skilled workers because this wholesale hair factory always prioritizes the quality of their products.
  • Vin Hair Official has its own factory, so they can offer the most competitive prices to customers.

You can trust that Vin Hair Vendor, the leading hair manufacturer, will bring about a beneficial change for your company.

Ted Hair – the biggest Chinese wholesale hair factory

Ted Hair was started in 2008, and since then it has become one of the best hair factories in China and international markets for hair extensions.

Ted Hair – the biggest Chinese wholesale hair factory
  • Their materials are mainly hair imported from countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, and India…
  • Products: hair weaves, hair wigs, hair extensions, and lace closures…with many colors and textures.
  • This wholesale hair factory offers products that look good, smooth and shiny, but the hair won’t last long due to the many chemicals used to process it.
  • Price: When compared to other hair factories in China, the price of Ted Hair is very reasonable.
  • Customer reviews: Ted Hair is highly rated, yet a few buyers have complained about the quality of the hair. They say the product is not as thick as advertised and mixes with synthetic hair.

Ted Hair is a wholesale hair factory that provides hair extensions to many countries worldwide. It has a large modern wholesale hair factory in Guangzhou, China, where it makes hair extensions. Ted Hair is the place to go if you need a large quantity of hair quickly.

Angkor Hair – highly recommended Cambodian wholesale hair factory

Angkor Hair, one of the top raw hair manufacturers in Cambodia, has been in the business for five years.

Angkor Hair – highly recommended Cambodian wholesale hair factory
  • They provide hair extensions in a range of lengths that are straight, naturally wavy, very wavy, and loosely curled.
  • Price: Affordable, starting at $425 for 1000 grams calculated on double-drawn straight wefts
  • Reviews: They received a lot of positive feedback. However, there are also some customers who complain that some dyed hair products fade quickly, and the delivery time is sometimes quite long

Angkor Hair is also a great wholesale hair factory if you want to buy hair extensions at competitive prices.

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