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Vietnamese hair suppliers offer high-quality hair with clear hair sources


To understand why Vietnamese hair providers are so highly sought-after by consumers throughout the globe, let’s learn more about the origin and features of Vietnamese hair.

  • Clear hair origin: 100% Vietnamese human hair. The raw materials that Vietnamese hair suppliers use come from the northern mountainous region of the country, where women have a tradition of long hair and hair care with natural ingredients, away from chemicals.
Vietnamese hair suppliers offer high-quality hair
  • Outstanding features: The hair of Vietnamese people is black, strong, shiny, and soft thanks to shampooing with natural herbs. 
  • High-quality hair: Vietnamese hair suppliers make stunning, long-lasting, and simple-to-style hair products. After coloring and styling, Vietnamese hair can still maintain its strength if well taken care of.


The production of Vietnamese hair suppliers


Most Vietnamese hair suppliers are trading companies, with very few manufacturing factories. There are only about 4-5 big hair factories in Vietnam, the rest are mini or household workshops.

  • Although the production scale is smaller than that of a Chinese hair factory, hair factory in vietnam can still meet large orders quickly thanks to a team of skilled workers.
  • Except for in-stock items, production time for pre-orders usually takes 5-10 days. When a customer places an order, the factories then produce it to ensure that the hair is always new and of the highest quality.


How to find a trustworthy Vietnamese hair supplier


The following tips can help you find a reliable Vietnamese hair supplier:

  • Search for a list of human hair suppliers in Vietnam on the Internet or through referrals from friends and relatives.
  • The next step is to choose reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers by following some tips:
    • By searching the Vietnamese hair supplier’s address on Google Maps, you may determine whether or not it is a real manufacturer. The address must be accurate, and the business name must be marked on the maps.
    • A reliable Vietnamese hair supplier will have a professional website with information about the business, including product descriptions, prices, and shipping and return policies.
    • Vietnamese hair suppliers who avoid your inquiries regarding the quality of their goods but persistently demand payment should be taken from the list.
How to find a trustworthy Vietnamese hair supplier
  • Do an online search for customer reviews of Vietnamese hair suppliers (on sites like YouTube and Facebook) in order to filter out businesses with positive ratings.
  • Read the terms and conditions about payment, warranties, and returns thoroughly.
  • Most hair suppliers in Vietnam are trading companies. A manufacturer will give you more stable quality and better price. To see if the business you choose is a factory or a supplier, you can request a video call with them. Manufacturers can readily show their plants, products, and employees.

The above tips don’t ensure that you won’t be conned, but they may help to lessen your risks to some extent.


Some tips to get a good deal with Vietnamese hair suppliers


After compiling a list of reliable human hair suppliers in Vietnam. Deal with Vietnamese hair suppliers to get a reasonable price that meets your budget with these tips:

  • Deal with several sales of the same Vietnamese hair supplier. They may offer you different pricing, and one of them may offer you the best deal.
  • The Vietnamese hair supplier is not likely to lower their prices if you complain that they are much higher compared to other human hair suppliers in Vietnam. Instead, demonstrate goodwill to back for future big buys if they provide you a fair price.
  • Ask the Vietnamese hair provider to provide you with a wholesale rate for larger orders. Vietnamese hair vendors might still offer you a trial price even if you don’t plan to make a substantial buy at first.
  • Vietnamese hair suppliers often give preferential treatment to loyal customers, so be loyal to 1 or 2 suppliers to get the best price.


Top 5 reliable Vietnamese hair suppliers


To save you some time, I’ve made a list of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers, who are widely thought to be among the best in the business, both for the quality of their products and the services they offer.

5.1. Vin hair vendor – One of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers

Vin hair is a famous hair factory in Vietnam with many years of experience in the hair industry.

  • Products: clip-ins, tip-ins, tape-ins, weft hair.. Especially, they are famous for high-quality bone-straight hair.
  • Price: They are factory direct so they have very reasonable prices. especially with large orders, they have many special discounts and offers.
Vin Hair Vendor is the best Vietnamese hair supplier
  • Policy: They accept returns and exchanges

5.2. Mic Hair – Leading Vietnamese hair supplier with the best reviews

Mic Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair suppliers with more than 10 years in the hair industry

  • Products: bundles, closure and frontal in various colors and lengths
  • Price: from about 8 USD/ hair bundle
  • They accept return and exchange within 30 days
  • Feedback: Generally, Mic Hair receives positive customer feedback. The large number of them are happy with the hair from Mic Hair and say the costs are fair considering the high level of quality.

5.3. 5S Hair – One of the most popular Vietnamese hair suppliers

The 5S Hair Factory is among the largest Vietnamese hair suppliers currently available.

  • Main products: hair weft, clip-ins, tip-ins, tape-ins…They don’t have wigs
  • Price: very reasonable in the hair market with from 8 USD/ hair bundle
  • Policy: Requests must be made within two days after delivery, and exchanges and refunds are allowed under certain conditions.
  • Feedback: This Vietnamese hair supplier has many positive reviews. However, some customers complain that the delivery time is a bit long

This article will teach you everything you need to know about Vietnamese hair. As a result, you will be able to better understand it and choose the Vietnamese hair extensions distributor who best meets your needs:

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