Vin Hair Vendor has more than 10 years of experience and a lot of expertise in the hair business and now is one of the leading human hair vendors in Vietnam. The company is also quickly making a name for itself in the international hair market.

The development process of Vin hair vendor

Besides the face and appearance, hair is also an indispensable and significant part of the beauty of every woman. But not everybody is born with the desired hair, so Vin hair vendor was founded with the mission not only for profit, but the main purpose is to help everyone have the desired hair.

The company was established in March 2010. In the early stages, the company faced many difficulties, but now the company has risen to become the top wholesale hair factory in Vietnam and has a strong foothold in the international market. The company has a large customer base around the world, especially in African countries.

Vin Hair Vendor’s contact information:

Vin hair vendor is the best Vietnamese hair factory

Vin hair vendor offers high-quality hair at the most competitive prices

Vin Hair Vendor is committed to giving you the best quality and price on the market for hair. It’s hard to find another supplier that beats Vin hair

Vin Hair Vendor provides the highest quality hair

Vin hair vendor is a smart choice for anyone still looking for a reliable business partner. Vin hair has the highest quality on the market.

  • Clear origin: It’s important to check input raw materials to make sure customers get the best quality hair. 100% Vietnamese human hair is used in all of their products, and the cuticles are still intact to ensure that the hair goes in the same direction. So the hair is consistently robust, silky, and non-shedding.
Vin hair offers high quality hair
  • When compared to other Vietnamese hair providers, Vin hair vendor offers a broad variety of items, including hair bundles, hair weft, hair bulk clip-ins, and tape-ins. having a variety of patterns and styles from which customers can choose from.
  • Hair from Vin hair vendor is very strong so you can style and dye it well. It can be bleached up to 613 color – a color loved by many girls. Thanks to this quality hair, Vin Hair Vendor is considered one of the best hair wholesalers in the world.
  • Process technology: The product is mostly hand-processed with qualified workers, giving in consistent quality without losing its natural, strong luster.

With the aforementioned characteristics, Vin Hair Vendor can firmly assure customers of its commitment to providing them with the highest quality products possible.

Vin Hair Vendor offers the most reasonable price

If you are a distributor who needs to find a hair supplier or want to set up a hair company, Vin hair vendor can optimize your profits by providing the most competitive prices.

  • Vin hair vendor has a factory is located in the raw material area, so they can cut transportation and storage costs. Moreover, with cheap labor, they can also bring the most competitive prices to customers
  • They have a lot of promotions during the holidays. Moreover, if you buy with large order they also have many special discounts for you.
  • If you become their loyal customer, you will receive the most VIP care, receive many promotions and great gratitude.

Anyone who works in the hair industry can trust Vin Hair Vendor as a long-term hair supplier.

Customers reviews about hair quality from Vin Hair Vendor

When looking for a hair seller, the buyer always prioritizes product quality. In this section, you will find reviews about Vin Hair Vendor’s excellent product.

  • Vietnamese hair bundles that customers buy from Vin Hair Vendor are said to be much more durable than the bundles from other hair sellers. While hair from other suppliers can only keep 1-2 years, hair from Vin Hair can last up to five years.
  • Hair is always shiny and smooth. Just take care of it properly, it will always be elastic, strong.
  • In fact, some customers who have restyled Vin Hair Vendor’s hair many times find their hair still strong. When dyeing hair, the color is also very even and keeps the color for a long time.

You can buy with confidence from Vin hair vendor and they will not let you down.

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