The hair extensions and wig market in Nigeria is growing rapidly. Who might be the best hair vendor in Nigeria? Read this article to find out.

Nigeria is a billion-dollar and lucrative market for anyone who wants to do wig business to join to make a profit. However, having too many sellers will dilute the market and make it impossible for customers to determine which reputable supplier is. So let’s see what this market offers and how to identify the best supplier in Nìgeria.

Do Nigerian wig vendors have hair extension factories?

Market research firm Euromonitor International recently estimated that more than $1.1 billion worth of shampoo, conditioner, and hair straightening oil were sold in South Africa, Nigeria and Cameroon in 2013. Furthermore, this market also has a special demand for wigs, hair extensions, synthetic hair wigs, or real hair. Women in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular consider wigs and hair extensions as symbols of female beauty and they will wear wigs on important occasions.

Nigeria is very thriving in hair extension market

Understanding this great demand, there are more and more hair suppliers. But in reality, most hair suppliers in this country are just hair resellers. Nigeria does not have an abundant source of hair because women’s hair is thin, thin, coarse, and difficult to style. At the same time, the weather here is quite harsh, so most of the time hair suppliers have to import hair from other countries and they only own warehouses and sell hair in large quantities from the factory. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the hair products you buy right at the Nigerian brick-and-mortar store have a much higher price due to the addition of shipping costs from foreign countries.

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Where do Nigerian hair resellers import from

The demand from African countries has spread to Asian countries, where there is a massive supply of hair. To list, there are three main sources of hair that Nigerian wig resellers typically import from China, India, and Vietnam.

Chinese hair

Chinese hair suppliers have had decades of experience supplying hair. The factories here are large-scale with a large number of employees. The hair production lines are equipped with modern machinery, making hair production quite easy to meet large or small orders.

In the past, China had abundant hair sources due to its large population. However, due to changes in trends and hair styling, China’s hair source has significantly decreased. To continue their business operations, Chinese hair suppliers have to import hair from other countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Peru, Brazil, and Vietnam. Therefore, if you pay attention, you will notice that most products from Chinese hair manufacturers have varying quality and vary depending on their ethical sourcing.

Furthermore, Chinese hair vendors often encounter many issues regarding hair quality because hair can be mixed from human hair vendors with synthetic hair vendors, making customers feel hesitant when purchasing hair here.

Indian hair

Out of the three main export countries, Indian hair has the lowest prices. What explains this? Most of the main hair sources in Indian hair vendors come from temple hair and hairballs. Women in India have strong beliefs and religious reverence for cultural values, so they will go to temples to shave and donate hair. This hair, after being shaved, is then sent to factories to detangle and create finished products. Hairballs are products collected from public areas, with donors unidentified. Therefore, on average, products made from Indian hair tend to be of low to medium quality.

Vietnamese hair

Perhaps, for a fair assessment, Vietnamese hair manufacturers are the most trustworthy. Despite having a smaller population and geographical area compared to China and India, Vietnam has the potential to produce quality hair. The hair manufacturing factories in Vietnam range from medium to large-scale. This helps ensure that factories in Vietnam focus on the quality of each order. The factories are also equipped with modern equipment, alongside the skilled craftsmanship of workers.

Wigs and hair extensions sourced from Vietnam use Vietnamese hair. The hair strands have natural colors, silky and soft textures, and voluminous hairlines. The lifespan of the hair is also quite long, and the prices are always competitive. This explains why human hair wigs and extensions from Vietnam are usually sought-after.

Tips to Choose Reliable Hair Manufacturer in Nigeria

There are many ways on how find a reliable wig manufacturer in Nigeria without spending too much effort.

Firstly, you should research and compile a list of potential suppliers. Check their websites for publicly available contact information, hair sources, and business models. If you want to buy wholesale hair, it’s best not to choose middlemen as the overhead costs for hair can be high and may not reach many customers.

  • Check the quality of the hair: You can directly call the sales and customer service departments of hair brands if they operate on online platforms. If you are near the location of some physical offline stores, you should visit them to check the hair texture in person.
  • Payment and return policy: Look for a supplier that offers you various payment options and does not require you to pay the full amount in advance before receiving the hair. They may be hair scammers; after they receive the hair, they disappear and do not send the hair to you. A reputable supplier will ask you to pay 50-70% of the order value, and you will pay the remaining amount after checking the quality and accepting the goods. Choose a hair manufacturer with a return policy within 7 business days and up to 30 days.

Moreover, for long-term work, find a supplier with clear and good communication to avoid any misunderstandings about the requirements for hair orders and invoices.

2V Hair – the best hair extension factory in the Nigerian market

Here you are! You have found the right address to provide the best quality wigs and hair extensions at the best prices.

2V Hair is an online store in Nigeria that takes pride in sourcing the finest Vietnamese hair for most of the black continent, especially in Nigeria. With over 10 years of experience, 2V Hair is a pioneer in manufacturing wigs and hair extensions in Vietnam and a major player in the top 10 human hair brands in Nigeria. Recognizing the needs of African women who are always looking for high-quality wigs to enhance their beauty, 2V Hair has a long-term mission and vision to make Vietnamese hair a valuable choice.

2V Hair owns a hair manufacturing factory in Vietnam, with a scale of over 1000 square meters, ensuring that all orders, large or small, are prepared in only 1-3 days. With on-demand service, your customization requests for hair are met, along with dedicated staff to advise you on the perfect product.

hair products at 2V Hair

You may be concerned about whether 2V Hair, being an online store, will have high shipping costs. We have shipping agents who have been supporting us for many years, with competitive shipping prices. The more you buy, the deeper the discount. With factory prices, without intermediaries, we guarantee that 2V Hair Vendor’s hair prices are even cheaper than offline suppliers in Nigeria while maintaining superior quality.

We are extremely meticulous and selective in vetting hair sources and products before delivering them to customers. Our products always have the highest quality, with lustrous texture, smoothness, and no shedding or tangling.

Therefore, if you want to buy the best quality wigs and hair extensions from the most reputable supplier, don’t forget to call 2V Hair at this number for free consultation

Website: https://2vhair.ng/
WhatsApp Number/ Hotline: (+84)348558031
Website: https://2vhair.ng/
Email: 2vhairfactory@gmail.com

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